How to download, install and activate the Notification extension

To get a premium extension you must purchase it in the store first.

You can download the purchased extension from many sources:

To install the extension plugin please navigate in your WordPress Dashboard to Plugins and Add New. Then click the Upload Plugin button.
Uploading a plugin from .zip package
Select the package you downloaded and click Install Now button.

Why it's important to activate the extension? Because this way you'll get the plugin updates directly in your WordPress.
To activate the plugin simply go to Notifications and Extensions and in the extension box provide your license key.
Notification Extension activation box
Then just click the Save and activate license button.
You can get your license key from the Purchase Receipt screen and email or from your BracketSpace account Dashboard.

Free extesions are available in the repository and you can install them via your wp-admin. No specific activation is required, the extension will act as a regular plugin.
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