Diagnosing Errors

Should you encounter any error while using the plugin, please try to find the exact error you can report to our team in the support thread message. This will help us recognize the essence of the problem and then solve the problem faster.

You can learn how to do this by reading the content below.

Diagnose JavaScript Errors in the Browser

To diagnose errors through the browser, you just need to follow a few simple steps which are listed and explained in the WordPress support article.

Diagnose Server Errors

All the PHP-related errors like notices, warnings, and fatal errors are logged by the server. The best way to access them is to ask your hosting provider for the error_log file or try to search for that in your hosting panel or in FTP.

The other possible way to get the errors is to temporarily enable WP DEBUG mode like described in this article.

Please remember to disable the WP DEBUG mode as soon as you finish debugging as this might create a security breach and affect your website performance.

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