List of all default triggers


  • Media added wordpress/media_added
  • Media trashed wordpress/media_trashed
  • Media updated wordpress/media_updated


This covers all the comment types. Use comment, pingback, trackback, another_comment_type instead of the {comment_type_slug}.

  • Comment added wordpress/comment_{comment_type_slug}_added
  • Comment approved wordpress/comment_{comment_type_slug}_approved
  • Comment replied wordpress/comment_{comment_type_slug}_replied
  • Comment spammed wordpress/comment_{comment_type_slug}_spammed
  • Comment trashed wordpress/comment_{comment_type_slug}_trashed
  • Comment unapproved wordpress/comment_{comment_type_slug}_unapproved


This covers all the custom post types, as well. Use post, page, product, another_post_type instead of the {post_type_slug}.

  • Post added wordpress/{post_type_slug}/added
  • Post saved as a draft wordpress/{post_type_slug}/drafted
  • Post sent for review wordpress/{post_type_slug}/pending
  • Post published wordpress/{post_type_slug}/published
  • Post trashed wordpress/{post_type_slug}/trashed
  • Post updated wordpress/{post_type_slug}/updated


This covers all the taxonomies. Use category, post_tag, another_taxonomy instead of the {taxonomy_slug}.

  • Taxonomy term created wordpress/{taxonomy_slug}/created
  • Taxonomy term deleted wordpress/{taxonomy_slug}/deleted
  • Taxonomy term updated wordpress/{taxonomy_slug}/updated


  • User deletedwordpress/user_deleted
  • User loginwordpress/user_login
  • User login failedwordpress/user_login_failed
  • User logoutwordpress/user_logout
  • User password changedwordpress/user_password_changed
  • User password reset requestwordpress/user_password_reset_request
  • User profile updatedwordpress/user_profile_updated
  • User registrationwordpress/user_registered


  • Available updateswordpress/updates_available
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