Email notification of user login failed

Have you ever wondered how to send a notification of user login failed in WordPress? With a free plugin we are going to use it's super simple to set it up with your own custom content.

Install Notification plugin

The Notification plugin will allow you to set up your notification of user login failed. It's a free plugin available on that covers almost every notification scenario in WordPress.

Go to the plugin installation screen and install and activate the "Notification" plugin with logo on a vivid green background.

Add new Notification

Go ahead to your admin area into Notification -> Add New Notification to create your configuration.

The title is visible only for you so you want to give it a name that's easily recognizable.

Select your trigger

The next thing you can see on this screen is the Trigger section. This is where you can select your action for which you are setting the notification.

After selecting the Trigger you are going to see the Merge Tags section changed with a list of all available Merge Tags. You can paste them into the subject or body to customize your email. All the tags will be replaced to the actual content.

Set the Subject line

Next step is the email subject.

Write the email body

The body will be sent as the HTML message so you can format it freely with active links, bolds etc. You can use the Merge Tags as well!

Set up the recipients

Setting the recipients in Notification plugin is very simple. Just click the button to add new recipient row, select the recipient type and adjust the setting. You can use the Merge Tag recipient as well to have a dynamic recipients.

Save the email notification

Saving the notification works just like publishing the post. The one difference is that Notification can be either enabled or disabled.

And voila!