Email notification of password changed by user

This is a short tutorial how to send a WordPress email notification of password changed by user. It's extremely simple to set up that alert and it's going to take you 5 minutes. You don't need to have any coding skills to make it work!

Install Notification plugin

We are using the Notification plugin that is the best option on the market to send any alerts in WordPress. The password changed by user notification is one of its featured.

All you need to do is to install the plugin in your WordPress admin. Just search for the "Notification" plugin, install it and make it active.

Add new Notification

The freshly installed plugin adds a new menu item in WordPress admin. You can add your new notifiation via this menu just like you'd create new post.

The title of notiifcation is not meant to be send anywhere, it's just displayed in the Notifications table for you so you could distinguish one alert from another.

Select your trigger

Next, you should select the password changed by user trigger from the Trigger dropdown. This is your specific action for this notification. As you can see the Notification plugin supports a bunch of them!

Every single trigger has his own set of dynamic tags called Merge Tags. These are replaced with your real content when alert is submitted. You can read more how the Merge Tags works.

Set the Subject line

You can provide the subject using any Merge Tags you like.

Write the email body

Next, body of the email. Because the message is sent as HTML you are ok to use any text formatting and Merge Tags.

Set up the recipients

Setting the recipients in Notification plugin is very simple. Just click the button to add new recipient row, select the recipient type and adjust the setting. You can use the Merge Tag recipient as well to have a dynamic recipients.

Save the email notification

Just click the "Save" button and your notification is rock&rolling!

Now it's the best time to add some more notifications!